Install Vtiger on windows 7 localhost (using xampp)

This article will guide you on how to install Vtiger CRM 7 on Windows 7 localhost using xampp.

1)Installing Vtiger requires a database(e.g. MySQL), a server(e.g. Apache server) and PHP.
Either you download and install all of three separately or just install xampp software which
consists of all three packaged together. It depends on your requirement.

In this article I am going to use xampp software for installing Vtiger.
You can download xampp software here “Download xampp” .

2)After downloading the xampp installer file, just install it on your system.

After installing xampp you can see that all three(Apache ,MySQL and PHP) are
present inside installed xampp folder.



Now run “xampp-control.exe file”, a pop-up will appear like this:


3)You will  see  apache  and  mysql  module  appearing  on  that  pop-up.
You  have  to  start  both  these  services  by  clicking on start button.
If  the  services  have  started  the  status  will  show  as  running  like this:


Once both the services have started then you are ready to go ahead

Note 1 : If any of Apache or MySQL service is not starting then there might be port issue. Apache and MySQL use default ports 80 and 3306 respectively. If services don’t start it means the default ports(80 or 3306) are being used by some other application. In that case you have to change the default ports(80 and 3306) to say 81 or 3307 respectively.

4)After MySQL service has started, you should know how to access the MySQL  database. For accessing any database you require a client. Here in my case, for accessing MySQL database I am using HeidiSql client which you can download here “Download HeidiSql“. Install it and run it, a pop-up will appear like this:


Create new session and write down username and password(optional). After that click “Open” and then you will be able to see all the databases that you created.


5)After that download Vtiger crm 7 from here “Download Vtiger CRM 7” and extract it. Copy the extracted Vtiger folder and paste it into “xampp/htdocs” folder

Now go to your browser and type localhost:80/vtigercrm in the URL, an installation page will open like this:


6)Click on Install -> I agree , You will get PHP Configuration page like this:


You have to make sure that the present values for PHP Configuration are according to the required values.

7)Then click on Next, You will get System Configuration page like this:


8)Then fill out all the required fields as shown above:

write down Hostname, Username, Password (if any) which you set in point (4),
new database name,  check “create new database” box,  and  write root  username and  password (which is same as above username and password).

Then fill out Admin user information and click Next.  A confirmation page will appear, again click Next.
Then choose your industry and click Next.

Your installation process will be started like this:


It will take few minutes for installation process. Kindly wait for 2-3 minutes.

9)After that select modules which you require and click Next.



There you go, your Vtiger is installed and currently you are looking at the dashboard page.

Note 2 : Whenever you want to start Vtiger crm, first you have to start Apache and MySQL services through xampp.   After you have started Apache and MySQL, just type “localhost:80/vtigercrm” in your browser and your Vtiger will get started.

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